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Why Shetek?

Religion, Dedication, History, and Adventure!

Christ is our focal point in all that we do at Camp Shetek. We aim to teach the bible and how to show our faith day to day in a community based way.


We have dedicated counselors and pastors who continue to come back year after year and are excited to do so!

Our history goes back decades. We are even starting to see children of former campers. It was fun back then and still is now.


We have a schedule so jam packed with adventures that once the week comes to an end, many of the kids may want sleep for a week.

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Our Mission

Minnesota Valley Lutheran Bible Camp (Camp Shetek), strives to do our best at organizing wholesome activities and learning opportunities for the campers placed under our care.

We help the campers grow in their faith and improve their interpersonal skills in a Christian environment.

Our goal in this is to encourage each camper to “Let their Christian Light of Faith” shine for all to see.

The Park

Located in the southwest corner of Minnesota, Lake Shetek is full of culture and beautiful landscapes. The park contains the largest lake in southwestern Minnesota, which forms the headwaters of the Des Moines River.

We currently operate out of their Zuya Group location, which offers an extensive area which we use for our various activities. In addition to the extensive area, the group center also offers a large campfire pit which we use nightly for singing. 

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