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Important Need to Knows

      Camp will be held at Sibley State Park’s Group Campground, New London, MN  Sibley State Park’s Group Campground has seven cabins with bunk beds – each accommodating 12 campers and 2 counselors. (There’s room for up to 84 campers) An additional building will be used for Arts and Crafts.  A Main Lodge is used for meals and large group gatherings, such as, daily Bible Study and devotions.  Lavatory facilities are found in one common Bathroom building that is separate from all of the cabins.
       For a virtual tour of Sibley State Park, go to:


      Please plan to arrive between 5:30 pm and 7 pm on Sunday, June 16th.  A light supper will be served at 7 pm on Sunday, followed by “get acquainted” activities.


      We ask that you bring the remainder of the Camp Fees you may still owe plus any Canteen Money you may wish to place on deposit when you check in.  Health Forms and Medication Form can be filled out online here: and 

(If you do not fill one out online you will be required to bring along a completed Health Form.)  ALSO bring along a copy of the Camper Conduct Form.  (These 2 forms can be downloaded at  


When you arrive, we will give you your cabin, group assignments, and a Camp T-shirt. 


      We will verify the “check out time” you indicated on your original Registration Form.   We will be closely following another group who is using the campground right before us, so please do not arrive until the time mentioned above.  Please pick up at the end of the week no later than 10 am on Saturday, June 22nd.

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What to bring

Each cabin holds approx. 16 campers and is equipped with bunk beds & mattresses! 


You need to bring: 

  • sleeping bag (or sheets & blankets)

  • pillow

  • soap & shampoo

  • toothbrush & toothpaste

  • comb or brush

  • towels

  • plenty of clothes

  • jacket or sweater

  • swimsuit

  • mosquito repellent & sunscreen

  • flashlight

  • walking/hiking shoes

  • Bible, notebook, pen or pencil

  • flip-flops on the beach (not recommended for hiking)

Recommended to bring:

  • Reusable water bottle (filtered water will be available for refilling bottles)

  • Bike (if you wish to take in the bike trail or in the Park)


Do not bring:

  • food/snacks (meals and canteen will be provided daily in the mess hall)

  • knives

  • cigarettes

  • lighters

  • fire crackers

  • guns

  • shaving cream

  • inappropriate music

  • cell phones & other cellular devices  


If any of these unnecessary items, or other items the counselors deem to be harmful to some or all of the campers are brought, they will be confiscated for the week and returned to the camper AND his/her parents before he/she leaves. We reserve the right to look through a camper’s belongings if we suspect something has been brought.

Please help them pack, so nothing questionable is brought by accident!

Parent Letter

      MVL Bible Camp is committed to providing campers an exhilarating and fun experience away from all electronic toys and games. All of our activities and crafts are  carefully planned to challenge the campers to have fun interacting with other campers away from these everyday things. And so, we insist: the use of the following items will be strictly regulated at Camp:


  • Personal music devices


      Campers may bring their music to camp.   HOWEVER none of these music devices may be taken to or used during a planned activity and they will need to be careful not to offend their cabin-mates or counselors with music that is too loud or distracting during their free time.

We also reserve the right to look through your child’s suitcase(s) if we suspect they are hiding anything that should not be in Camp.  


      Campers who wish to fish will need to be sure to bring along the proper equipment. Counselors may lead the fishing at 5:30 am or during the afternoon swim time. 


      Biking will follow the bike trail's provided on the grounds and will be led by a counselor.  Campers may also bike to other parts of the State Park under the supervision of the counselors.  No one may bike or fish by themselves.

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